FPS drop down after some time (Android)


I have some problem in my game with fps. For tests i am using Asus Zenfone 2 in top modification (Intel Atom Z3580, 2300 mhz, 4gb RAM and PowerVR GX6430). After start app my device have 60 fps and all work perfectly, but after 15-20 sec, device has dropped to 25-40 fps. The interesting thing is that after a while, device works again normally! Also i have some tests on iPhine5s, iPad air, Google Nexus 5 and all works perfectly all time, despite the fact that the Zenfone2 have most powerful hardware.
I am not understand what’s wrong with my device or maybe i doing something wrong?

Some profiler screens (use Unity 5.1.2f1 Win7x64)

Good =)

Bad =(

Im sorry for my english, it is not my native language…

You’re probably moving static meshes. add Rigidbodies with isKinematic enabled to them