FPS Game animations help!

I am making an FPS Zombie game. I have my fps gun animations, which are: one max file for reload, one max for walk, one static, one shoot, and one grab animation. All in seperate max files. How do I get them together? Also I want the gun to be always in the center, because when I look up, the gun stays down…

  • There should be an animation-clip inside.

  • Click on your Weapon to open it in InspectorWindow.

  • If there’s no Animation component add one (menu: Component->Miscellaneous->Animation).

  • Expand “Animations” inside the component and enter your desired size.

  • Expand your animation max-file in ProjectWindow.

  • Drag and drop your animation-clips (inside the max-files) into the “Animations” array.

  • Call animation.Play( “MoveFast_01” ); in Script