FPS game compiler error

I just downloaded unity today and was trying to pull up their fps game walkthrough as my first game. When I try running anything though I see a pop-up that says, “All compiler errors must be fixed before you can enter game mode”. I tried reinstalling, running as administer, and opening a new blank program but the problem continued. If you know how to fix this please let me know. Thank you.

Example of error found in console:

The .meta file Packages/com.unity.collab-proxy/CHANGELOG.md.meta does not have a valid GUID and its corresponding Asset file will be ignored. If this file is not malformed, please add a GUID, or delete the .meta file and it will be recreated correctly

it can be an error in some script, and with the Packages/com.unity.collab.proxi, try to enter to “Packages/com.unity.collab-proxy/” in the proyect window in unity and delete changelog.md.meta