FPS Game Machine Gun controls

Hi, I’ve placed my FPS game on my iPod.
I used Unity’s FirstPersonTilt controller file.

Everything works fine, except the machine gun fires when I
press any part of the screen.
I’m wondering how do I turn off the machine gun from firing when I
press any part of the screen.

The Hierarchy displays Move TouchPad. Wondering if its the Joystick script or Machine Gun script?

Since I would like to make a button for the machine gun.

Thank you

I think normally the machine gun is triggered when you press the key that goes along with “Fire1” which is mouse click, but on iphone it is any part of the screen, so make a gui button instead of using “Fire1” to shoot, you will have to edit one of the scripts to do this. I’m trying to get the machine gun to shoot fully automatic at the moment while holding the gui button on the iphone so i can’t really give you any code at the moment to help you out so just try and do it yourself by looking at the scripting reference.