FPS Gun Moves Weird When FPS Controller Turns up or Down

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

So basically I wanted to make a simply FPS, and I am currently using the object and texture from the FPS tutorial to give my game a Rocket Launcher. I’ll put in my own graphics for guns, but I want to get the basic framework working :slight_smile:

I went through most of the FPS tutorial, but had an issue with some assets that it said were in “Standard Assets” not being there. Regardless, I got the rocketlauncher attached to the FPS nicely. However, when I tried importing the rocketlauncher mesh and texture, it looked fine. I tried dragging it to child it to my FPS controller’s camera. I saw a problem people were having this was due to them childing the gun to the controller instead of the camera, but this doesn’t appear to be my problem. If someone wants I’d be happy to post a screenshot of what it’s doing if it’s unclear. Basically the gun moves away from the player when your First Person Controller looks up, and back when your controller looks down, leading to a lot of distortion. Thanks!

I’d say start from scratch if you’re having troubles with it. It should only take 30 seconds to load in a new FPS controller and attach a gun to its camera.

The only thing I can imagine to explain that is if you might have added a “mouse look” script to the gun as well as the camera.