FPS Gun Recoil (Accuracy)

Hey I need a little bit of help with improving my Gun Accuracy - System.

My gun already is innaccurate noscoped, gets more innaccurate when rapid fired and when scoped it’s more accurate and when you shoot the Gun kicks upwards(Camera rotates).
Now what I want to implement that when you shoot the gun not only kick upwards but also to the left and right randomly as seen in nearly every modern FPS or in the Dastardly Bananas new FPS Constructor Web Demo : Link to Web Demo

I downloaded the latest free version of the FPS Constructur to have a look at the code but it seems that it wasn’t implemented yet in 0.95 .

I would appreciate a bit of help in that regard.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Here is a Web Player Demo of my current Project:
My Web Demo

How to play/test: Type in something as a name. Press Advanced. Then Start hosting a server. Click test and then Start server. Then just select a Team.

i’ve answered this question before.


the jist is that recoil is directly kicking the gun straight up

But the shot itself actually hits some point inside the radius of a circle whose diameter represents the accuracy of the gun.

so recoil has nothing to do with it. Recoil is very much kick the gun up

Accuracy is what your looking for, and that is measured IRL by basically how small the circle is that x number of rounds fired from x distance perfectly (thats is electronically fired from a gun that has vice grips holding it in place)
will hit. Basically guns with less tolerance are more accurate.
They will land inside a smaller diameter circle. That circle is what you want

you pick a gun you say at 50 meters all rounds land inside a 5 cm circle and then you go about calculating based on distance the size of teh circle for any distance. Then you go about picking a point at random inside it.