FPS, Hand you can see.

Hi there, I am making first person shooter and I am trying to make that when I see my weapon I also see my Left hand holding gun.

Problem is I have a script I can pick up guns from ground. But when I pick them, obviously I do not see hand anymore because that hand stays on another gun I did throw away. So I pick new gun, I do not have hand and I see hand attached to gun in ground :smiley:

How to make that I see hand only on gun I am currently weilding?

Btw my hand is attached to my first gun I am currently holding, so gun bobing and other effects go with hand.


The preferred method is to have two prefabs for each weapon: A viewmodel which has the animated weapon and hands and a world model that is just the weapon, for placing in the world. So, create a prefab with the hands holding the weapon model for each weapon, and when you need to throw away the weapon, you should instantiate the weapon model.

Good Idea, thanks I will try that :smiley:

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