[FPS] Is it good to have the same character for AI and Players ?

I just have one question on first person shooter game development.
Is it a good idea to have the same character for AI and Players but different controls ?
For more detail, character will have movement and shooting behaviour, so AI and Player will use this behaviour. The unique difference is controls where Players use Input and AI no.
Or maybe it’s better to separate both and try to make their behaviour close at possible, with same animation etc … ?

We really cant answer that question. It really depends how you have designed your game and its assets as to whether or not thats a good idea or not.

If your character is just a rigged mesh, has a bunch of animations and is pretty generalised/ generic.

Then I cant se why not. If you write spaghetti code then it is probably a good idea to force as much separation in your code as possible where ever there is divergence. Even if it seems slightly arbitrary at first, just as a protection from yourself.