FPS is too Low on Mediatek Android devices with Unity 2018

Hello everyone!

Since Unity 5 i got a huge problem. When i working with unity 4 this problems doesnt exist. First i made a game on unity 4 and its was work perfectly on my devices. But then i upgrade unity 5 suddenly game performance is crush. I got 60-100 fps but after upgrade unity 5 it decrease to 15-20. Then in the during time i use unity 2017 and 2018 for diffrent projects but this issue still exist. Now i working on an puzzle game and i got two devices. One is have snapdragon cpu and other have mediatek. On snapdragon FPS ~60 but on mediatek fps is ~10. I try diffrent devices for this, every snapdragon devices run game perfectly but every mediatek devices too bad. I try to use custom shadder’s for my objects, decrease quality settings, enable multithread rendering etc. but still same.

Here is the my Mediatek devices (Lenovo A7020A48) profiler window:

And here is the my Snapdragon devices ( Xioami Redmi 4X 16GB ) profiler window

Is anyone any ideas about this because i really stuck?

I got a solition at last. I was check my all shaders and change them to the mobile vertex-lit or custom shaders. And removed “post proccessing Behaviour” from all my cameras. And I have up to ~60 fps right now.