FPS lags on Android Device with tk2d

Hi there!
I am currently developing a 2D Platformer game for Mobile devices with tk2d.
When I test my game on my computer, the frame rate is quite good and everything works fine.
On my Samsung Galaxy S3 though the frame rate collapses sometimes, causing the game to have lags when I move my character.
I have allready set the project quality settings to be “fastest”.
I also use FixedUpdate()- functions in my routines (I use the CharacterMotor to move my sprite) but there are still lags.

Does anybody had the same problem and can help me to improve my performance on my Android device?


Well, stating the bleeding obvious, but your computer is much more powerful than your phone, so it’s hardly surprising to find that the frame rate is slower when deployed to the device than in testing on your computer. Read this guide (and all its subsections) to understand some practical things you can do to optimise for mobile devices.

(as an aside, you should use FixedUpdate() only for physics calculations (i.e. dealing with rigidbodies) - not for general input and movement, but I don’t think that’s your main problem)