FPS Multiplayer setup - TPS models for other clients

I cannot figure out how to have a first person model for the client playing and a third person model seen by them for every other client.

Are there any good tutorials on this or could someone at least give me a basic idea how to do this? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anything that fits what I’m looking for. My client/server setup is based off of the Unity Networking Tutorial. Players can connect (from both mobile and PC) to the server, I just can’t get the spawn setup to work.

Movement syncing DOES work if I allow it to spawn first player setups on each client, but floating weapons don’t really make sense. I have a spawn object on the map, but its network view seems to be only the server (I’ve tried doing the spawning using networkView.isMine) and i’ve tried Network.instantiate to make a local spawn point for everyone, but that doesn’t work either and wouldn’t solve movement syncing.

Any help is appreciated.

Solved my own problem. Went with spawning the first and third player setups in the same prefab and then deleting one depending on networkView.isMine. Here’s the code I used for anyone that needs it. This code would go on the player prefab that is instantiated, and the BodyMesh and FirstPersonSetup are set in the inspector from objects in this prefab.

function Awake(){
        //on spawn, check if this object is controlled by the client
	     //if it is, delete the third person mesh
            //Set everything else the Player needs on startup
                //if it isn't, delete the first person setup
function Update(){
             //if object is the client's
            //control code goes here