FPS MultiPlayer

I am wondering if my current set up will work for multiplayer. I am using two cameras in my scene so that one only renders my gun and is set to Depth only. I am wondering if this set up will cause any harm in a multiplayer experience.

I don't know how this will harm multiplayer experience. But I doubt that it would.

But I would say that to lower Draw Calls, make sure that the main camera - that is, the one "underneath" the gun's camera - should have the culling mask NOT include the layer that the gun is on.

Both cameras will draw the gun, but only the gun’s camera should draw it, not the main camera. Make sure that only one draws the gun.

So, this is sort of a general thing to lower Draw Calls rather than answering your question, but I still hope you found the information usefull. C:

The cost of an extra camera for everyone should be negligible; it's the geometry getting rendered that will take time. If that is not your concern, please add to the question.