FPS one hands/arms model with multiple weapons/guns models

Hi, so is it posible to use only one hands model with 2 or 3 weapons models (without making the weapons models with hands), because i want to make hand model with accesories (like watch, gloves…). So what to do? idle animations for each gun, or what?

Thanks :slight_smile:

if your guns have different types like pistols and rifles, then you would have to make separate animations for each of the actions. if not, then you can have one for all of the guns (i.e. pistols only)

then what you need to do is place an empty game object somewhere on the hand/hands with the proper translation and rotation.

now all you have to do is make a script for the weapons to “switch” :slight_smile:

i’m not an expert, so whoever is a pro and reads this just correct me if necessary.
but i hope this helps. <3