FPS player animation state, networked

Probably simple, but I'm new to this: I've got an FPS multiplayer, and I want to set the walk/idle/etc anim states on the players over the net. Currently (with apparently no consideration for network), if my 'local' player is walking, all connected players will 'walk' too. Other players can move all they want but never leave the initial 'idle' state on my (server/host) copy.

Is it as simple as adding a NetworkView? And/or do I need to send the anim name string around?

Any tutorials or examples you might point me to would be great.

you can set a networkview to watch the animation or use rpc's.

i have same problem and i dont know how to solve this problem. Just i dont have animation. When i my player moving, other player moving too. if i switch to other client player refreshed and moving to original position. Can anyone help me to solving this problem?

Best regards.