fps shooting enemy

I have been using Unity for about 2 weeks now and after brief knowledgeI am trying to make an FPS game and it requires only shooting. The way i want to approach is as follows:

  • The camera has a raycast and has the crosshair GUI texture at the centre thus the gun does not have any bullets it only animates when the mouse is clicked.

  • When the raycast hits a gameobject tagged "enemy" the crosshair changes to red

  • And if the mouse is clicked at the same moment then i want the player to animate according to the organ that is hit . Example if it hits the head the health directly goes to zero and animation plays.

The third step is doubtful . I was thinking that when mouse is clicked then the name of the organ colliding with the ray is stored as a string this maybe can be done by keeping different name for chest, head, arms, legs etc.

Then its passed on to a Javascript associated with the enemy and it checks: if the string is "leftArm" then it plays some animation and health drops by 20% or if "rightLeg" then something else and health drops by something else.

But there is a problem that even when i am reloading the gun keeps shooting how to rectify it? Are there any other problems that i might face due to this?

Since i am new to this i have a small doubt. If i have something like this :

// i could get "leg" by the above mentioned method

if(shotOrgan = "leg"){


audio.PlayOneShot(pain scream);

health -= 20;


Do the animation and sound take place simultaneously or is it like first the animation occurs and then the sound plays?

Sorry for a big post..... i am very new and its my first question!

Its a long time but i may answer in case someone else wonder on to this.

You could set up a counter so when it is a certain amount stop firing.

For example

(C# Coding)

int BulletsInGun = 40;

in your gun fire code(fired add

//EnegyInGun. (could be more appopriate if you ain;t using bullets). BulletsInGun ++;


if(BulletsInGun > 0 )


Do your gun code.



{ Do Reload code. (You can do this to allow automatic reloading) or set it to button press.