FPS Tutorial error - Frame is not a member of UnityEngine.Texture2D.

So, I am a complete noob when it comes to Unity. I wanted to create a First Person Shooter on my own, but IT’S HARD!! So I download a file (Complete FPS Tutorial.zip) which tells me I need data form another file (fps_assets.zip), which contains the Assets I needed. After I got everything situated the way I wanted, I started reading the FPS tutorial. I got to Step 5, when he asked that I “Press Play, you should now be able to move around the level by using the mouse and keyboard (cursor keys to move or W,S,A,D)”. I tried pressing play (a lot), but I kept getting this error:

Assets/WeaponScripts/FPSPlayer.js(124,31): BCE0019: ‘frame’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.Texture2D’.

After clicking Play a few more times, it became apparent the error would not go away. So I clicked the error itself, and it opened this part of the JS code. I cannot write/read in JavaScript, so I shall ask you people for help. The part of the JS that seemed it said had the error is this:

if (rocketLauncher)
		var rocketTexture : Texture2D = rocketGUI.texture;
		rocketTexture.frame = rocketLauncher.ammoCount;

so do you know why this is happening? any input is appreciated.

The Texture2D.frame variable has since been deprecated (i.e. not being used). It is no longer supported in Unity 3.x, and you will have to achieve whatever it is trying to do some other way (using a switch statement to check for the amount of ammo left, for example, and displaying the correct texture that corresponds to it). Mind you, there may be other bugs that will appear once you fix this…

That said, I believe this is from an OLD Unity 2.0 FPS tutorial, there are plenty of newer FPS tutorial/packages available for use for Unity 3.x, I highly recommend you find those and use them instead of trying to patch up this one.