FPS Tutorial - How to associate Missile to Projectile

Hi, I'm very new to this and I probably shouldn't be starting with this tutorial, but I don't have much time! In the FPS tutorial on the Unity site, it says:

Associate the missile with the projectile variable in the script. First, click on Launcher in the Hierarchy panel, notice the variable Projectile in the MissileLauncher script section in the Inspector panel. Now drag the Missile prefab from the Project panel and drop it onto the Projectile variable.

However, I can't see the variable Projectile in the MissileLauncher script section. All I can see is a check-box next to "Missile Launcher (Script)", then the word Script followed by a drop down box, which says MissileLauncher.


The variable should pop up in the Inspector if you make sure the variable is declared as a member variable outside of any function. This should look something like this:

var projectile : GameObject;

function Update () {

//do stuff here


Make sure that you haven't declared the variable as private and that no other errors pop up in the script. You can find more information in the documentation (Accessing other Game Objects) and (Member Variables)