Fps tutorial robot kill player

I am using the robot from the Unity fps tutorial and I imported him and all his scripts into my project. I'm only using the robot from the unity fps tutorial, nothing else. My player is from Dastardly Banana's weapons constructor kit. My robot launches rockets at my player, but doesn't do any damage. The player can shoot the robot and kill the robot just fine, but the player doesn't even has a health script or any kind of health, so the player cannot die. I need a health script for my player. I am starting to learn scripting but not very good yet because I am only 13. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a health script. Thanks. Oh by the way I prefer Javascript.

You could try this video tutorial here: http://www.unitymagic.com/shop/en/unity-tutorial-039-health-script/

i am having the same problem…the robot in my game can’t kill the player…please help…