FPS Walker script


I am working trough the "Unity game development essentials". In chapther 3 were I shall open FPS Walker script I get stuck... I am using Unity 3D 3.1 and I cant find that script in my "First Person Controller" :-(

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Sigfus Jonsson

Go to Main Menu->Component->Character->Character Motor

With "FPS Input Controller" from same directory it works like "First Person Controller"

Hi guys - I'm currently reworking my book, Unity Game Development Essentials to be valid for Unity 3.2 or... 3.x I should say - what you have spotted here is one of the main differences between 2.5 and 3.x - characters were created differently. So really take the time to look over how the FPS script works in the book, and then move on to the next part - we're not editing that script so you should not encounter any problems.

The 2nd Edition of the book is due out in April.

All the best