FPSController Applying Unwanted Physics to GameObjects

For the project I am working on, I am using Unity’s FPSController.

When the player interacts with a standard cube GameObject (with a RigidBody) in the scene, some odd things happen:

– The cube does not move when direct pressure is applied (by walking) perpendicularly into a side.

– While this forward pressure is applied, if the player shifts to the left or right or jumps, the cube has physics act upon it and either shifts/turns to the left or right or flies upwards.

I would like for this second bullet to not happen – I want the player to have absolutely no effect on the GameObjects in the scene. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps try removing the colliders from your gameobjects or your player.

Have a look at physics layers. In project settings-> physics you can set which layers are supposed to physically interact with each other.