Hi there, I am making a FPS game but when I watch youtube videos on the code for the FPSMouseScript it shows me errors when i click play. Please help as i have spent ages making a game for my school project and i want it to look good. Here is the script. (Error is at the bottom of the page)

public enum RotationAxis {MouseX =3, MouseY = 1}
     var RotationAxisRotationXY = RotationAxis.MouseX || RotationAxis.MouseY;
     //Lets set the variables for the X axis so we can look around.
     var sensitivityX : float = 400f;
     var minimumX : float = -360f;
     var maximumX : float = 360f;
     var RotationX : float = 0f;
     var OriginalRotation : Quaternion;
     //Now that we have set the variables for he X axis, we need to do the same for the y axis
     //so you can look up and down.
     var Rotation : float = 0f;
     var minimumY : float = -360f;
     var maximumY : float = 360;
     var sensitivityY : float = 400f;

function Update () {

  if(RotationAxisRotationXY == RotationAxis.MouseX){
   RotationX += Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * sensitivityX * Time.deltaTime;
      OriginalRotation = XQuaternion = Quaternion.AngleAxis (RotationX, Vector3.up);
      transform.localRotation = OriginalRotation * XQuaternion;
  if(RotationAxisRotationXY == RotationAxis.MouseY){
  RotationY -= Input.GetAxis ("Mouse T") * sensitivityY * Time.deltaTime;
  RotationY = ClampAngle (RotationY, minimumY, maximumY);
  OriginalRotation = YQuaternion = Quaternion.AngleAxis (RotationY, Vector3.right);
  transform.localRotation = OriginalRotation * YQuaternion;


static function ClampAngle (Angle, min, max): float {


The Error is this (42,7) [Unknown Identifier: RotationY]

thanks for any useful comments.

If you still have this problem you have to change name of the var Rotation to var RotationY