FPSSample error while loading first time


Can somebody help me with this please...
I can't find out why this error is coming out when I download and open the file
I have the right version for the FPSsample project...
Please help!

Hi There!
I imagine since you're doing this this week and following the github (with Unity 2018.3.8f1 from the archive) you'll need to go into the manifest.json file indicated in your screenshot and make two manual adjustments - they're pretty easy though.
1) The first is the adjustment here: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/FPSSample/pull/110/files
You just need to go to the bottom of the json and delete from the comma after the brace shown on the github page through the end of the next line:
"registry": "https://staging-packages.unity.com"

2) That will still leave you with a mathematics package error when you "retry" to load the project.
Back in the same json file, edit the 6th line down: com.unity.mathematics": "0.0.12-preview.21",
(note the package items indicated here: github.com/Unity-Technologies/Unity.Mathematics/releases)
Change that to: "com.unity.mathematics": "1.0.0-preview.1",
It seems that the full release of that preview version wasn't fully published? Anyhow, the 1.0.0-preview.1 appears to have come out only a couple of weeks later and should load for you.

Save the adjusted json file and (with luck) all should load/scripts should run and you'll get the project with updated file-line items. The load should take a bit longer than it did to get to just the error screen earlier.
Hope this helps!


Thank you my friend.You are a time saver