Frame and Input lag in simple enviorment?[Fixed]

I have a new project with a fairly simple environment and some walls, when I press play in editor i get about ~6 fps/200+ms and really bizzare mouse input lag, IE: ill make a move release my mouse then 2 seconds later it will whip my screen around to follow the mouse. (using oculusrift default camera asset).

making a full build doubles my fps but the frames stay <10fps

8gb ram
gtx970 graphics card

what other relevent info should i provide? I highly doubt its just my computer can’t handle it, im almost sure that its me doing something extremely inefficiently

Hello, OP here, anyone looking at the question after today. I finally solved the problem. The editor has a default quality setting, mine was set to Fantastic. by going to edit->project settings->Quality

and choosing medium i now get an excellent frame rate.

Could be nearly anything, so:

Disable all your game objects in the scene.
Play - check it is fine, it should be.
Enable one game object at a time, play.
Repeat until you find the offending game object.


Start a new project with nothing in it. Play.
Add one wall mesh, play again.
Add one of your scripts, play again.
Keep adding things until you find the problem item.