Frame catch up

lets say my time manager is …

fixed timestep = 0.25

maximum allowed timestep = 0.5

what will happen if my application always run at 1 fps?

  1. did unity will always try to catch up the frame forever?

  2. or there was some threshold , that make unity stop doing new update, allowing the frame to catch up first, then resume to do new update (after the frame catch up)?

  3. or is there any event triggered if unity detect frame catch up that take too long to revive?

i raise this question because my application lag couldn’t revive after clicking some button that perform heavy task

forgive my english


The Fixed Timestep is totally independent of the frame rate. They run side by side at their own pace, FixedUpdate() at the fixed timestep intervals, Update() every frame(whatever your current frame rate is).

Well, they run by themselves, updating at their own timestep.

Therefore, you could have Update() running at 60 FPS and FixedUpdate() running at 10 FPS.

Hope this helps. :wink: