Frame Drop After Advertisement

Hello there.

I’m trying to implement UnityAds to my Android game. I’m using Unity 5.2. So without ads I can run my game at 30-36 fps… Then the video ad pops out and after that, when I’m back in the game, I get only 19-22 fps, until the game is completly restarted… I can’t find out why. But it’s all okay in the editor… Ony happends on android device…

Do you know what could it be? Thanks


A possible workaround was posted in our forum. Can you try if this helps with the issue:

We’ve been chasing this for a while without being able to reproduce on other devices and I’d be glad to hear this one fixes the issue on Galaxy S3.

ping @marshall50 and @breban1

I found a solution I think. I worked for me. I used a banner ad and it was shown in every scene. I use this method to destroy it.

private void OnDestroy()

not no frame drops.