Frame Rate Question

Hey Guys i have a Question, is it possible to get unity to start rendering at exactly the same frame every time. I wanted to use unity for a short movie and i am also working with after effects and premiere pro, but the thing is if i lets say run the same scene 2 or 3 times than it renders at diffrend frame rates somethimes a bit more somethime a bit less and that gives me a problem working in my editing program working on a exact frs of 25 for example so if i overlay the renderd sequences i get mis matched frames i also do use a simple script for my fps cap Application.targetFrameRate = 25; this also is not a 100% accurate somethimes i get 25 fps somethimes i get 25.1 or 24.9
i am using HDRP Pipeline

I believe you’re looking for Time.captureFramerate and, by extension, Time.captureDeltaTime


Slows your application’s playback time
to allow Unity to save screenshots in
between frames.

Be sure to read the Description information under Time.captureDeltaTime for general info and caveats.


captureDeltaTime does not have any
affect on Time.unscaledTime.

Edit: Further reading on the subject can be found here and discussion of its behavioral traits can be found here.

thanks for the info it seems to work :smiley: