Frame rate


With nothing in my scene my frames per second is coming out at 75.

This doesn’t seem to be very high considering nothing is in the scene. Is this to do with monitor refresh rate by any chance?

Thanks in advance.

Most likely yes, it’s synchronised with the vsync (vertical sync/refresh rate) of the monitor.
You can turn it off in the quality settings and you’ll probably see your frame rate jump up to hundreds (if not over a thousand :slight_smile:

The Vsync option is in Edit → Project Settings → Quality settings (near the bottom of the list)

This page has more details, including why you might not want to turn it off

Rendering can be synchronised with the refresh rate of the display device to avoid “tearing” artifacts (see below). You can choose to synchronise with every vertical blank (VBlank), every second vertical blank or not to synchronise at all.