Framerate in MR?

Has anything more been written about how to get the framerate in a PolySpatial App?

There was this useful thread from @Alex_StudioDrydock a while back.

I can’t seem to capture more than about 60 seconds using Instruments, if I go over that, Instruments only captures the System Power Impact - nothing else, which isn’t of much use to me.

We haven’t heard anything new; as far as we know, the best way is still to use RealityKit Trace and look at the frame timings (that’s for the render frame rate, of course; it’s pretty easy to create a simple FPS display that updates on Unity’s MonoBehaviour.Update to show the simulation frame rate). I’ve had issues with longer captures as well. I’m assuming you’re using “Deferred Mode” (i.e., not showing the results in real-time) already, since I haven’t been able to get anything close to 60 seconds in real time mode.

Anyway, this would be a good thing to bring up with Apple via their Feedback Assistant.

@yezNL @kapolka
Apple official document say default frame rate is 90FPS.
Furthermore, if system performance becomes worse, frame rate will be dropped to half (45FPS)

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