Framerate lag, didnt have last night

My pc build is more than adequet to run an game maxed out. 2 gpus crossfired amd fx 8350 4.5ghz. No problem. Last night i was making my game as usual. now i go on it today, 2 fps… i ran the game before i exited last night and was fine. saved then closed now this. wtf is happening ahaha anypne got any ideas?

cheers folks

I got this sometimes. Just restart unity, or the computer, and it work well again. I only have this issue on the editor.

Hey guys, i forgot to look at the console. I restarted my computer and everything will no results. I forgot i added in a character after i tested the map before saved. Then i went on to find low fps… like crazy low. Turns out the character i imported was looking for a animation that didnt exist. Causing the character to glitch out.

So folks if you get crazy low fps remember to LOOK AT YOUR CONSOLE ;D

Happy developing ahha