frames per second has broke

The problem i have is just yesterday my frame rate was 60+ now today i turn unity on and now my fps is stuck at 30 but drops when i play the game. I have edited my menu script but removed it to see if that was the problem but to no avail. The profiler says that the game is actually running at 300 frames per second but not according to the stats. I have also removed the latest version of unity and installed unity 3.4.0 to see if that was the problem but is not. Does anyone have some advice to why this is happening and how i can change this? Please Help

The profiler only tells you how long the calculations on the CPU are taking - that isn’t the same as total render time for a frame. The profiler does give you an fps count in parentheses, but this is only for reference - that number is the fastest your game would be running if the CPU calculations were the only thing happening. So in summary, you can use the profiler to determine how long individual scripts or things like garbage collection are taking, but you can’t look at what’s happening on the GPU (yet - the next version of Unity looks like it will have this).

As for the numbers jumping all around the place, this largely depends on what’s going on on your computer. If you have a lot of other programs open that are using a lot of RAM, or if your OS just chooses to be slower on a given day, that will affect what you see in Unity.

It’s proving to be a big pain in the ass :slight_smile: