Framework to create fast Unity 3D games

Hello. I created a few games in the Unity 3D - Game Engine and I was wondering if there is something like a framework to create unity games fast. Like all the necessary parts like splash, menu, game etc.

Highly Appreciate your awnser.

I don’t understand all the negative comments about this, I think this is a great idea actually and would make the creation of simple games a much faster process and make basic game creation more accessible.

It is similar to the difference between 3D programs such as say Daz Studio/Poser & Max/Maya. While the former do not have the extensive features and capabilities of the latter, for beginners in 3D they are much more accessible and easier to create 3D with. Mixamo’s auto rigging is another great example, which streamlines the often time consuming rigging process into an effortless process. For small studios which may be lacking only a rigger or only a modeler, it’s innovative programs and services like these that allow them to get of the ground without wasting valuable time. Many solo indy game devs (the smart ones anyway) are NOT looking to make AAA games with the click of a button, they simply want something fun to share and to play with their friends. Providing them with the tools would open the market, in the way that Youtube and intuitive, affordable video editting software opened it to the average video hobbyist.

Constantly preaching “you have to know programming/the language” is rubbish and old fashioned in my humble opinion, in many areas of creative work. Website creators no longer need PHP or even html or CSS to create websites, highly profitable software can do it for them through a visual interface. It is the same for video and sound editing, 2D image manipulation and animation. 3D is a little behind in this trend, but slowly following suit. Yes, knowing the language allows you to make more advanced professional pieces, but not everyone cares about that. Now, before I rant anymore about this let me just give @ivishero the short answer to his question:

No, there isn’t the kind of complete game framework in Unity which has entire bundles of assets and scripts which all integrate happily together drag and drop style, without any modifications whatsoever from the scripting side (that wasn’t so short actually!). At some point you would likely need to modify the scripts to work together for your purposes.

Either, you can make these yourself and all it will cost you is time (and your patients often too), OR, you can buy several assets which feature the kind of functionality you need already built in.

Hope that helps, if you have anymore questions I’m all ears.

There are a few “starter kits” available in Unity’s Asset Store to enable you to get up and running quickly with a specific type of game. Check out the Complete Projects > Templates category at the store.

You could have a look at the Unity Asset called Brain Builder by BoldAI. It is a paid for asset but it is EXTREMELY easy to use (just click together blocks), and achieves very powerful results without ANY scripting whatsoever from your side. Check it out here:

Youtube Channel:

Official Site:

Have you tried PlayMaker? The idea of the PlayMaker is to rapidly make a game prototype without doing much programming. It’s basically a visual scripting plugin which has a great support as well.

Check out also Game Framework. It is free and contains scripts and prefabs for setting up most of the common bits that you might need.