Free 3D Models (most iPhone spec)

Hi everyone. I've started gathering up models I've had sitting on my hard drive over the years. I've decided to start sharing them free of charge, with the community of developers. I will be adding in groups over the next few days, I do have quite a bit of city and roadside props to pull up and post. All models are in .OBJ format to ensure maximum portability to your 3D app, and each one has the UVs already laid out, feel free to tweak as you wish. Please use these models with or without credit to me, I am releasing them openly to the general public for unlimited commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Follow the link above to access the links to the first group of 10 or so models.
You will see a section on the left side navigation panel that will say "3D Models (Download Link).
It would be cool if you shot me an email some time to show me how a model has helped!

Would be awesome to have that in the Asset Store. Drop right in the project, and oh, no facebook tour.

Well I'm trying to get a micro community going in the world of Facebook. I would definitely put together some assets all in the asset store, but this is a direct link to the downloads via my Dropbox. No hassle at all, just log into Facebook, Like my page and grab whatever you want in seconds.

Thanks for your low poly car models,i will write your credits in next game as modeling artist

A community that joins only to download a model and leave is worse than no community at all.

are you talking about me?

No I am talking about people who “join” just because they’re forced to.

It's not a big deal honestly...just gathering some folks on Facebook. If someone is interested great, if not, no big deal. No one is "forced" to do a thing, they always have a choice to come grab some free models or not...hitting a "like" button doesn't change that aspect. It's not up to me to sort out the Facebook haters, or people who don't like subscribing for something free!

Kiranmaya - Glad the models could help! I'm getting a lot of positive messages daily! Keep looking, I'm adding a new batch of models soon.

Actually I'm going to set it up today where thumbnails of these models will display next to the links for them...this way people can see the model they are getting before the really decide if they want it or not....and I'm adding new models up today :)
(Make sure to click on the 3D Model Download Link on the left side of the page)

I added up about 16 new models! I even created 200 pixel wide thumbnail previews so you can see what you are getting before you download....I added some very good quality models today, check out the new Veyron model!

Sigh, 2dFXman... You are becoming a really negative person... Just because you might not think something is great does not mean that you have to comment on it saying it is not. I mean there are a lot of people here who are just trying to make some money, or make a game, and you coming down on them is not a good confidence boost.

And a community that trolls on everyone else IS worse then no community at all.

And everywhere you go you will find people who are new and just want a model to get them going on a project. I suggest that if you really just all out hate this community then there is no real reason for you yo keep coming here and putting everyone down.

BTW nice models! Thanks!

@3dDude - Thanks man! Honestly I could see his point when I realized how many different threads I put this information in, but I couldn't find a way to delete my own threads! I would have liked to put it all into a master thread to be honest. Regardless I'm really doing this pro bono and trying to help out folks with all kinds of random models...I added a PayPal donate button and that's it, purely optional. I only added that because I don't make any money for the time spent making sure the .objs /textures are all archived properly, making sure the models are clean, welded vertices, proper scale in Meters, etc. I'm not putting junk models up, they are sometimes cleaner than what you would buy on Turbosquid. Oh and as a side note, I will never charge for any models on the Facebook repository, they are entirely free for any commercial or personal purpose!

Very nice models, much appreciated. Theyre low poly and high quality. To people who are to lazy to click the like button- its really worth it.

You got some pretty cool assets in there. I'm really starting to dig low res stuff again, kind of reminds me of my youth spent playing PS1 :)

Nice stuff man. Didn't really need the models, but I appreciate the generosity. This is a 'good thing' for the community as a whole.

Gregory - Thanks I'm actually putting in quite a few hours compiling these, cleaning them up, archiving and uploading them. I really want these assets to be used somewhere and for them to have new life. They have sat on my hard drive doing nothing.

I added up some new FREE assets this morning....I thought I would share the tree models and textures with the community in here. They are generally mobile spec, but could be reduced most definitely. If you look into the assets you will see a new Pine Tree LOD set that I've put up as well. It actually consists of a LOD0 model (hero/closeup) and an LOD1 (far off on the mountain)...the LOD1 is really a side render of the LOD0 (rendered with alpha channel) and then that alpha texture applied to about 4-8 planes of geometry. It's a neat technique and I used it on some of my work on the Wii with great results. These are 4 screens of some trees, but I uploaded other assets such as a Pine Tree and a neat looking Victorian type Lamppost model/texture. I hope folks enjoy!

As always follow the link to access the models:

I am considering using some of your models in our game, going to give them a post-apocalyptic face-lift. I'll share it, if you want.

Also what kind of attribution do you want in our credits if ever we do use your models?

(C) 2011 James Arndt


(C) 2011 FatBOX Software

or whatever you want

anomalous - Wow awesome! Yes please share the progress and how you've made them all distressed, that would be cool as heck to see. If you would like to credit me that would be awesome can just use my name, James Arndt. Thanks for stopping in and I'm glad you could find some stuff to help you out, I'll be posting more up weekly. It just takes time to do all of the setup to distribute these.