Free Character Models

Do you know of any high quality models for characters like Atmosphir where you can customize hair, skin colour, clothes, etc. Do you know where to get those or some very alike/similar to those? I'm needing these for a project I'm creating. I stumbled on this game and fell in love with the excellent modelling and how well it was done.

Hello David 14 I have found a royalty free animation site and (allmost all the animations are royalty free). They do have free models and ones that can cost as much as $2000!(I am 12 and I dont have that much money). the site is called Turbosquid and you can make an account if you wish.
Most of the models are for 3Ds Max,Maya and Cinema 4D.
You cant change hair,Skin colour or clothes(unless you have a texture map of what you what the model to look like).

Hope this Helped

  • Ryan 123321