Free e-book now available: UI design and implementation in Unity

Hey everyone

The new User interface design and implementation in Unity e-book is now available.

>> Download it <<

This 130+ page guide for artists, designers, and developers will show you how to build sophisticated interfaces with Unity’s two UI systems, Unity UI and UI Toolkit, with a big focus on UI Builder and Flexbox concepts.

Written by experienced Unity creators and UI professionals, the e-book provides step-by-step guidance on how to make sophisticated UIs that look great across a wide range of devices.

The key areas covered include:

  • UI design phases
  • UI development phases
  • Asset preparation workflow
  • Designing with Unity UI
  • Designing with the UI Toolkit and responsive layouts
  • Styling with the UI Toolkit
  • Fonts in Unity
  • Walkthrough of the companion demo -* UI Toolkit Sample – Dragon Crashers *
  • A UI Toolkit case study: Timberborn

We hope you find this guide helpful. As usual, if you have any feedback or questions, please let us know here.

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Hi, i'm making a mobile gameand i'm totally noob with css, i want to make a simple UI for my game. Is this new system better optimized compared to the old one? is it easier? i do not want to code, that is why i think the old one is better for me. Do i need to code something in this new system?

That's great and all, but what about particles and the UI? How does one go about using Shuriken on the old UI system or VFX graph on the new UI system?

Site with the book does not work only for me? design and layout of the site is broken. Can someone share a direct link to the pdf

Thanks much!! Been looking forward to this to see how it might fit in our new titles. One comment for the designers:


If you were better able to use the descriptive images here as opposed to the iconography that you currently use, it would be so extremely helpful. Hell, make these images a tooltip or something because this clearly illustrates what you're going to get whereas the icons simply do not.


omg a game changer, what an excellent resource. I've slacked it to everyone I know <3


FYI, the embedded pdf doesn't render correctly on mobile devices. Here is the download link for anyone trying to get this on their ipad:

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