Free simple 2D line rendering?

Hey all,

I know this has been asked a few times, but I’ve seemingly exhausted all options.

The Drawing.DrawLine() function from the forums has issues on PCs apparently, and according to the forum posts that hasn’t been fixed; not that I could find, anyway. I messed with the code a bit and couldn’t figure out an answer.

As I’m using Pro, I have the option for the GL class, but even directly copying code and testing it on my machine has yielded no results.

Lastly, LineRenderer is simply too much unneeded overhead when I simply need 2D orthographic line graphics projected, not lines in 3D space.

The only other option I’ve seen is Vetrosity, but that’s $25 I’d rather not spend since these lines are a simple, minor part of my project.

Does anyone have a solution for me? I can provide code of what’s not working and further explanation of problems if need be.

You can use VectorLine from the wiki.