Free soundtrack making tool

Hey all -

I was wondering if anyone knows of any awesome tool that I can use to create a soundtrack for my game. Royalty free music that can be "combined" would be best. I know Mac's Final Cut Studio includes Soundtrack Pro which does exactly what I want, but, I do not have a mac or the final cut studio. Is there a freeware program that does the same thing? As in, a bunch of a samples and pre-made tracks that can be combined into new music thats just instrumental / atmospheric.

Cheers, Marcin

Everyone knows and loves them. You can find many tutorials.

As to royalty free music/effects/samples to use, you're going to have to google that. Personally, you can just use a piano (That uses the asdfghjkl keys) and just alter/play with it... Then edit it in that...

But yeah, good luck!

(Google does have a lot of ways to get royalty free samples, just look on that).

Go to for royalty-free music. The guy has piles and piles of original music you can use in your game of all different genres, and can be diced and spliced however you want, as long as you give him credit.