Freeze Mouse Look on Pause

Hi there I have a simple question,

Im pausing the game with escape ( C# script ), still my character can look everywhere rotatong the camera by the same way.

How can I simply freeze mouselook on pause and unfreeze it

I looked a lot of answers but no result.


Just say: camera.main.GetComponenet(MouseLook).enabled = false;

need full text script

Thanks for advice.

Help very need. Project which created in historical faculty not normally work without script (as pause and so on). Studing C+ and Java is very difficult for some humanities. But 3d engine is very popular and needed tools in digital archaeology and historical research. Who any help? Pleese.

For project - Virtual Reconstruction of Moscow Monastery «All Sorrow Joy» 1909 year

Ph.D. Student
Denis Zherebyatiev
Lomonosov State University
Historical faculty
Historical Informational Science