Freeze Rotation vs. Configurable Join for 2D sprites

Listening to a lesson on 2D-game in unity, they advocate using Configurable Joint for locking the rolling ball-sprites from moving along the z-axes (outside of 2D!).

However, I find that if I set the Freeze Rotation property to X and Y, on the Rigidbody component of my ball prefab - I get the same results. What's more - it seems like this is even better as it seems to prevent me from rotating the object at all.

What is the difference between those two options - and should I have both of the on at the same time?

As far as I know, the freeze rotation etc. properties of Rigid body are new. The method using joints was a workaround to get 2D physics before these properties were introduced.

We are using the freeze properties with great success so far (and no joints). It is, with my limited knowledge, what I would recommend.