Freezing X or Y position on RigidBody2D forces it to

I have a gameobject with a rigidbody2D component. When I set either of its ‘Freeze Position’ booleans to true, it moves the gameobject from whatever position it had to 0,0. Nothing other than the rigidbody moves its position.
I tried disabling all other gameobjects and also disabling all other components on the rigidbody gameobject other than transform and spriterenderer, but it still forces it to when hitting play.

Even when moving it around during play, it forces it back to, which makes sense, but it shouldn’t move it from whatever position it had at init to

I’m on 5.2.0f3, and I’m thinking it could be a bug with this version, as I’ve noticed it has quite a few bugs here and there.

This is fixed in 5.2.0p1 available here: Download Archive