Friction Problem

Holla folks!

I am trying to simulate a scene in which a pendulum hits a spherical rigid body lying on another surface(S). Now what i want to simulate is only after attaining a certain angle say x and a value greater than x the sphere should fall of the surface(S). Any angle less than that will result in the sphere stopping depending on the angle at which the pendulum is released the, air drag angular drag, etc.

I have applied a material to the surfaces and the necessary friction as well but there seems to be no change in the motion of the ball for the extreme value. Also even slightest of collision setts the ball into motion hitherto making the ball fall of the surface, though the time taken increases.

What i think might be the case is since the point of contact of the ball and the surface is actually just a point the physics i want to implement is not getting implemented. That is what i think. If anyone could throw some light on the issue. Thanks a lot!!


As for now i haven’t written any script. To give you an overview of the scenario i am uploading a screenshot. The pendulum strikes the ball kept on a flattened cube, at different angles of the pendulum the ball should be imparted different speeds.

This is what i want to implement.