From 2020.1 to 2020.2 (and URP 8 to 9)

Opened a copy of my 2020.1 project in 2020.2 (and bumped URP from 8 to 9) most things were working aside from 2 issues with assets I have:
- Massive Clouds... the position of clouds changes in world space when I move my camera.
- Advanced Terrain Grass... the grass doesn’t draw for the first cascade unless I disable MSA (but keep HDR enabled)

Any idea how I can fix this at my end?


EDIT: turns out this was related to upgrading URP to 9.x. Working fine in 2020.2 and URP 8.x

Hmm... while not strictly an alpha question, it would be a better thing to ask what changed. As you're using URP, it's unlikely to be an Alpha issue but an URP issue.

My initial thinking is that it's probably depth related, or perhaps camera stacking?

- Added support for Camera Stacking when using the Forward Renderer. This introduces the Camera Render Type property. A Base Camera can be initialized with either the Skybox or Solid Color, and can combine its output with that of one or more Overlay Cameras. An Overlay Camera is always initialized with the contents of the previous Camera that rendered in the Camera Stack.

It'll be the changes from 8 to 9, and is far more likely to be your issue. However, URP 9 is available on 2020.1 if you want to go and check that (to eliminate 2020.2 being the issue).

Can you spot anything that might affect your assets in the list above? Feel free to forward that to asset authors too.

Good luck looking for it but my feeling is it might be worth checking if it is an alpha issue. Because if it's actually a beta issue then the asset authors will be much more likely to fix it as it's headed toward release before too long. If it is a beta issue, submit a bug with those assets in it, and let Unity know - it may be beyond a simple fix your end so determining this early is in your benefit.

(Heck throw a bug report up anyway)

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Thanks. Yeah, I feel it could be a URP issue instead but there was no specific upgrade guide for 9 last time I checked so no way for me to know what’s changed without looking through GitHub.

My plan is indeed to test out URP 9 on 2020.1 to check. Will post here if I find out more. As for the asset authors I’ll give them a head’s up but find that asset devs generally they don’t care too much about alpha and preview versions! Don’t like being the bearer of bad news. They’re frustrated enough as it is by all the changes, which also come as a surprise to them.

Confirming this is a URP issue and not to do with 2020.2


Cheers, feel free to chuck 'em a bug report about that please if you can :)

Im assuming it’s not a bug but an as-yet undocumented breaking change (not unlike the ones that popped up between URP 7 and 8). So I’ve just posted about in the URP forum to alert the relevant parties. I’ll wait for confirmation that it’s unintended behaviour before I file a bug report. Cheers @hippocoder

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