From a line to a "solid" game object

Hi all, im sorry to bothering you but i need some help (at least in the concept field :slight_smile: ).

I need to know if it’s possible (how i think and hope) to made a “solid” object from a single line (maybe made with GL.Line, becouse LineRenderer works horrible in my case).

For “solid” i mean an object like a road, where the character can walk. I’d like to make something like “instant created” path for my game , but honestly im not sure if i can make a road from a single line (maybe i can attach a sort of plane on the lines?)

Thank you in advance for your help!

There are several Unity extensions on the Asset Store that allow you to create all sorts of paths / roads / surfaces from splines.

It’s likely what you want is Vectrosity on the asset store.

It’s one of the most popular extensions pretty much everyone uses it.

I don’t think we’ve ever not used it in any type of work for any client! You always need it for some reason.

Alternately … it’s very possible that what you’re saying is you actually want to build a “mesh surface” on the fly. To be honest it’s just to hard and you should forget about it! Heh :slight_smile: (If you must just start searching with “mesh” on the documentation.)

There’s a fun product on the asset store called “Shapes” (by the “megafiers” guy) which might help you? Check it out.