from LightUp to Unity: No lightmap textures on imported fbx file


I want to export baked textures from LightUp for SketchUp into Unity. Ive watched the video ( everyone refers to but the correct light baked texture wont show.

Unity automatically recognises the updates of my asset folder when I export files from LightUp, so thats not the issue. But when i drag the fbx model into the unity scene the textures only appear shaded and not with the baked light textures created using LightUp. I notised that the exported textures are only 128x128 px...i wonder why? Is it because im using the LightUp demo version?

Im using SkethUp7 and the latest unity version.

Hope your able to help! Best regard Mikkel

Just a shot in the dark, but the most likely cause of trouble for this kind of workflow is the editor script which is posted on the LightUp forums. Did you copy the script in the correct folder (Editor)?

Are the baked textures attached to your objects or are they missing? They should at least appear in the assets folder where you saved your LightUp output.