From Maya to Unity FBX problems

Hello Unity developers

I am working on a scene that involves a player character, my colleagues are almost done with animating the required states in maya , I asked them to export the characters as FBX… here are the problems I am facing when importing it to unity:

  1. it’s in black and white and can’t seem to be able to find the textures anywhere to apply it
  2. The character is too large to process, I get many sub objects to the asset
  3. The animation doesn’t play
  4. In some files I get only the character head

Should it be exported in another format?
Or is there something missing in the exporting process

Awaiting your kind reply

Hello @Mariammaxy

FBX is a good file format to use, that’s usually what I go with but Unity does a really great job of importing Maya MA or MB files as well.
Knowing that the animations are not playing in Unity my first guess would be to check the export settings in Maya under File > Export All >

If you are using several different files for animations. You are going to want to make sure that the rig and geometry are the same so that they can work together in unity sharing the same “avatar”

Blockquote “Okay , I found the textures in the materials folder they are way to many…”

Unity will create a materials based on how many shaders are created in Maya. So if the file is unorganized with many unnecessary shaders it might create somewhat of a mess D:

Blockquote “The character is too large to process, I get many sub objects to the asset”

As far as I know this should be okay! Nothing wrong with that.

Blockquote “In some files I get only the character head”

Uh that sounds scary… hah my only thought is to check the Maya file to see that it has a clean history and clean topology

I hope this helps!!!

When modeling objects, you always have to keep in mind the polygonal count. Sure, a 20K polygons characters looks neat, but since it is not the only object in your game, everything else will add up and eventually you’ll end with an unplayable game.

Try to make your models with no more of 3K polygons -even less, if possible.

When exporting your models into Unity, bake all textures, animations and blendshapes and check the scale is 1:1.

I have a problem when I try to export model to fbx in maya and import it into uniny too.
My problem is in maya, i made animation for the tail of the cat only, But after it’d been imported into unity, the whole body of the cat moved.


help me please!