from one RectTransform to another RectTransform...

Image you have say three panels, A B C and each one has some Text items t u v w x y below the panel.


It’s easy to move “v” around - you just move it’s anchoredPosition.

To move “v” to “w” you just move it to the same anchoredPosition values as “w”

But how do you get the anchoredPosition of “t” IN TERMS OF “v”

There does not seem to be a function like “get anchoredPosition of ‘t’ which is in RectTransform ‘A’ in terms of another RectTransform ‘B’ …”

This seems like a very basic concept (ie “knowing where the different UI elements are”), how to do??

You can still use .position on RectTransforms.

v.position = w.position;

Should work for you.