From scratch Facebook SDK tutorial?

I give up. I don’t understand a thing in the Facebook SDK examples or reference, I’ve been going through it for hours without a single thing becoming clearer. I use javascript and I have no idea how to call or use, or even read, any of that C# facebook sdk stuff. I understand common C# scripts but this I honestly feel dumbfounded.

Does anyone know a link to a from scratch tutorial on using it? I really need the for dummies guide on this, and I can’t find anything other than the official tutorial. So either I’m so stupid I don’t know how to even begin using it, or no one is complaining that they don’t know either, for some reason. I’m guessing its the first one.

So I guess my question is, does anyone know a tutorial of doing the sdk stuff from the official tutorial from scratch starting in an empty scene, and explaining what the hell is going on? And if not, I know this is asking a bit too much but, would anyone be willing to help me through PMs or email?

Sorry for my ranty question, I’m losing my mind here a bit.

Thank you.

You should go to:

intro to Facebook SDK android development

intro to Facebook SDK web development

intro to Facebook SDK ios development