From which library import System.IO work in javascript?


I'm coding in javascript (unityscript) and importing System.IO, System,xml, etc... but I am not sure if I am importing javascripts libraries or .NET libraries...

Because of my readings I think is .NET libraries but I must be 100% sure.

Any help? Clear statement? I didn't find anything in the reference...

Thanks in advance,

I believe they are .NET

UnityScript files get compiled to IL classes and inserted into assemblies the same way that C# does. They are all using .NET libraries except UnityScript seem to delegate to Boo.lang at times. I don't think these are core .NET classes.

Definately Unity runs over Mono.

From wiki: "The JavaScript runtime environment makes extensive use of Mono (the open source clone of .NET). In fact, JavaScript is implemented in Boo, which is a language that runs on the Mono virtual machine and compiles to its native code."

Also the answer is in the documentation (though not very accesible):

Mono Compatibility

You can use .NET class libraries in the scripts you write for Unity. Depending on your .NET Compatibility level selected in your project settings, Unity supports more, or less of the full class libraries. This page contains a list of which classes and methods are available for each .NET compatibility level setting.