Frustum Cull problem on animated objects


I have a gameObject consisting of a skinned mesh with its transform axis at its base. It has other meshes linked to the top of the bone system. Think eyeball on stalk sort of thing. All of the child objects animate independently of the parent skinned mesh. The start position has the whole object down on the ground. The fully animated position gets the stalk and its children fully upright. In fully animated position, the eyeball part is about eye level.

Here's the problem- As I drive through the scene in first person, approaching the object, the stalk gets frustum culled first as its base (or perhaps original bounding box?) moves off screen, leaving the eyeball and other child objects floating in mid-air.

The question- Is there a way to force the culling to use the dynamic bounding box of the top parent gameObject instead of the individual meshes?


No, not really. Either disable the culling or use some other culling mode that works for you (there is an option to set bounding box yourself on Animation component).