Full Body Fps

Since a few weeks I was thinking about a Full Body FPS System.

After I was working a lot I realized that it is a very difficult task.

I encountered many issues but after all I found some ways which worked for me.

Here you can download the Demo and test it out

Its still bugy with the weapon system but i will fix everything.

All animations are done on myself.
In future i will add movement animations and fix the weapon system.
Maybe a two character interaction system will come up too.

The Character is from Sebastian Lague´s Blender to Unity Character Creation Tutorial
and the Rifle from the Asset Store.

First Person View

3042598--227950--Screenshot (4).png

Third Person View

Im ready to explain a few things if there is Interest.


Okay I tried to do this and I had an idea in my head to make it so from the players stomach and up it will move up and down but I could never figure it out, can you give me the source to this so I can integrate into my project, I promise to delete the models and weapon animations and replace it with my own, you have my word, please get back to me as soon as possible. I am dying to know how you did this!