Full body gun switcher for animations?

How would I go about making a full body character rig for an fps? I want to know how to make it switch weapons and do all the normal stuff, I have a character set up and some weapons and the character works in game but I dont know how to make it hold weapons, should I make arms that switch inside the character rig? Im really stuck I dont know how to make this work.

I’m sure there are multiple methods to this. I am scared to provide some hacky method. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you want to implement it. I normally drag my guns onto the hand bone on the armature so that the gun moves with the hand, then you need to animate the hand on and off the screen. And switch the gun that’s in the players hands. If you feel so inclined, you could have separate arms for each gun and use the same approach to animate to offscreen, switch, animate back on screen. A more detailed response varies on your setup and how the rest of your stuff is already implemented.


If you want this to look good in third person view, you would ofcourse have animations that grab the gun from the correct position on your body, transfer it as a child object from the hip or back bone to the hand. But this all depends on if you have the skill and resources to properly implement it. If not, you will have to settle on a less visually impressive solution, which can actually be quite common in the AA / Indie space.